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Star Capella
With kid stars
In Auriga,
You speak
To the earth



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Main Sections Of This Site Page
Singing Falls Homestead Stream Restoration Alexandra's Writings Stan's Pilgrimage


Links of the Singing Falls web site:




    Masonry Furnace

    Australian Shepherds

      Australian Shepherds Pups


    Bright and Tears

    Bright and Tears

    Bright and Tears

    Bright and Tears

    Bright and Tears

    Bright and Tears

    Bright and Tears

    Bright and Tears

      Ox Yoke Gallery

      Oxen Images Gallery


      Bee Thoughts

      Top Bar Hives

      Hornet Trap

      Bee Image Gallery

    Making Beams

    Our Timber Frame Barn

    Our Place In The World (Maps)

    Forest Fires

  About Us

    Our Montana Home



  Angora Goats

      Newborn Kid

    Our Bucks

    Our Does

    Our Kids


    Lot Jacques Angoras

    Mohair Uses

    Mohair Chaps

  Doll Hair

    Mohair Locks Gallery

    Doll Hair Examples

    Doll Hair Examples

    Doll Hair Examples

    Doll Hair Examples

    Doll Hair Examples

    Doll Hair Examples

  Homespun Crafting

    Washed Locks

    Rainbow Throw

    Natural Colored Yarns

    Overshot Throw

    Weaving Process


    Gallery of Weavings

  Alexandra's Tools

    Ashford Spinning Wheel

    Kromski Spinning Wheel

    Kennedy Spinning Wheel

    Table Loom

    40 Inch Jack Loom

    48 Inch Floor Loom

    60 Inch Floor Loom

  Find Us

    Location View

    Location Views

  Our Nightmare With Lions

    Captured Lion

    Captured Lion

    Captured Lion

    Captured Lion

    Captured Lion

    The Blessed Solution

  A Tiller Tree

  Cursed Tractor

  Waterfall Wonderings

  Waterfall Torrents

  Waterfall Meditations



Links of the Singing Falls Stream Restoration Project:

 Stream Restoration Index

  Restoration Project Overview Index

    Overview Images and Information

    The 'How' of Stream Restoration

    The 'Why' of Stream Restoration

  Restoration Project Map

  Singing Falls Project Designs Index

  Singing Falls Project Site Index

  Engineered Project Sites

  Project Materials Index

    Gathering Large Logs

    Staging Large Logs

    Staging Large Boulders

    Gallery of Boulder Staging

  Building Habitat-Ground Based

  Gallery of Ground Based Implementation

  Building Habitat-Helicopter Placement

  Gallery of Helicopter Placement

  Building Habitat-High Line Placement

  Gallery of National Forest Phase

  Salmon Image Archive

  Salmon MPGs 2004

  Salmon Images 2004

  Salmon MPGs 2005

  Salmon MPGs 2005

  Salmon Images 2005 April

  Salmon MPGs 2005

  Salmon Images 2005 June

  Salmon MPGs 2005

  Salmon Images 2005 August

  Salmon MPGs 2005

  Salmon Images 2005 August

  Salmon Images 2005 August

  Salmon MPGs 2005 September

  Salmon MPGs 2005 October

  Stream Chronicle

  Stream Temperature Records

  Stream Temperature Gallery

  Rain Events and High Water

  Educational Information Regarding Stream Restoration

  About This Watershed

  Reasons for the Restoration Project

  Information on the Watershed Fish Species

    Information on the Watershed Coho

    Watershed Coho Habitat

    Information on the Watershed Cutthroat

    Watershed Cutthroat Habitat

    Information on the Watershed Steelhead

    Watershed Steelhead Habitat

    Watershed Stream Station

    Watershed Stream Flood Stage Station

  Important Links

  News, Articles and Information

  RAC Power Point Presentation

  SOPA Document

  SOPA Map

  Fisheries Images


Links to Alexandra's Writing and Articles:

 Scribe Index

  Black Sheep Issue 96

  Black Sheep Issue 97

  Black Sheep Issue 97a

  Black Sheep Issue 98

  Black Sheep Issue 99

  Black Sheep Issue 100

  Black Sheep Issue 101

  Black Sheep Issue 102

  Black Sheep Issue 103

  Black Sheep Issue 104

  Black Sheep Issue 105

  Black Sheep Issue 106

  Black Sheep Issue 107

  Black Sheep Issue 108

  Black Sheep Issue 109

  Black Sheep Issue 110

  Black Sheep Issue 111

  Black Sheep Issue 112

  Black Sheep Issue 113

  Black Sheep Issue 114

  Black Sheep Issue 115

  Black Sheep Issue 116

  Black Sheep Issue 117

  Black Sheep Issue 118

  Black Sheep Issue 119

  Black Sheep Issue 120

  Black Sheep Issue 121

  Black Sheep Issue 122

  Black Sheep Issue 123

  Black Sheep Issue 124

  Black Sheep Issue 125

  Black Sheep Issue 126

  Black Sheep Issue 127

  Black Sheep Issue 128

  Black Sheep Issue 129

  Black Sheep Issue 130

  Black Sheep Issue 131

  Black Sheep Issue 132

  Black Sheep Issue 133

  Black Sheep Issue 135


  A Step Back In Time

  Small Farmer's Journal

  Camille the Cow

  The Ghost of Drew

  The Alaskan Wolf

  A Cowboy Named Avi

  Alexandra's Babunia


Links the Story of Stan's Spiritual Pilgrimage:

 Pilgrimage to the Golden City

  Pilgrimage Page 1

  Pilgrimage Page 2

  Pilgrimage Page 3

    San Fransisco Oracle

  Pilgrimage Page 4

  Pilgrimage Page 5

  Pilgrimage Page 6

    New Age Art

    Nepalese Shrines


  Pilgrimage Page 7

    Nepal Terraces

    Namche Bazaar

  Pilgrimage Page 8

  Pilgrimage Page 9

    Text Version

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