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~~*  Pilgrimage to the Golden City-Page 6  *~~


~~*Back to the Mountains*~~

Mind numbed, I left the Summit Lighthouse and left the few possessions I had accumulated behind. In a short while I was once again back in the wild regions of the Colorado Rocky Mountains contemplating the years that had gone by and the profound involvement with the mystery schools and world religions that had engulfed my life in so few years. The synthesis of religions and mysterious disciplines and spiritual exercises I had accumulated now made up the bulk of my mind. With the mere exertion of will I was able to enter trance like states of various kinds and to freely negotiate various fields of consciousness.

~~*Greater Spiritual Dynamics*~~

Somehow, leaving the confines of the Monastery (which at first was a devastating and seemingly life-threatening decision) now became a catalyst for greater spiritual dynamics to unfold.

It is hard to explain the explosion of psycho-spiritual expansion and versatility that dawned on me in those mountains in just a matter of days. I went from very low ebb to a veritable tidal wave of renewed hope and optimism that even to this day staggers my memories. Why were such radical changes sweeping over my life? Hadn't I just failed the spiritual hierarchy determined to liberate the earth's people? My reasoning centered on a persuasion that as long as there was life there was hope.

From there I scaled the mountain of my disorientation by leaps and bounds. I went through a process of psychic morphology that settled me into what I considered to be reconciliation with the "beings" who were setting the world free. From thence it was a simple step of evolution to explain my newfound freedom as the actual will of the Masters. They wanted me out of there! That was it! It was a part of my path to leave. But what was next?

~~*Destiny Unfolding*~~

It didn't seem long at all before a sense of equilibrium and peace of mind began to settle in. Even with the exertion of some rudimentary discipline from Summit Lighthouse headquarters, I intuitively sensed destiny unfolding before me. The years I had spent on the Church Universal and Triumphant (CUT) staff were riddled with experiences that confirmed my "path" but that also challenged my sense of direction and values. The crass materialism and accumulation of wealth, some of the peculiar behavior patterns of the Messengers and a deep sense of want in my own heart all served to compel me to remain outside the confines of the organization after my departure.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Prophet informed me that the Masters were requiring of me a period away from the Organization anyway. She interpreted this as harsh discipline and I was seeing it in an entirely different light. My psycho-spiritual adeptness had not diminished at all. In fact it blossomed unlike ever before.

~~*Walking in Spiritual Realms *~~

The entire time I had spent with CUT centered on the development and use of spiritual faculties, but especially clairvoyance. The Messengers had taken me around the world with them because this skill and others were so fine-tuned. Now, like a flower unfolding, these abilities expanded to incredible proportions.

I walked in a realm that I thought allowed me to discern the future. An innate intuitive knowledge now eclipsed the systems of divination that I used early on. It was also very easy to probe the thoughts of others. I had devoted myself to an intense study of astrology, natural medicine, and the development of a system of religious synthesis while in the Monastery. These attributes later served to open doors of opportunity to "serve" people and fulfill my obligations to the Masters.

the creation stolen and fallen

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The idealism that propelled me onto the spiritual path was taken to new heights. The tremendous outgrowth and influence of the world's religions and the incredible thread of unity that appeared to be binding them together as a great orchestration of spiritual activity on every level of consciousness propelled me on. Form, color, sound, earth, air, fire, water - from the rudimentary to the most complex elements of spirit, soul and matter - all of these were part of some grand scheme to cause every human being to awaken to some fantastic destiny - a destiny centered upon a divine reality that all were free to discover.

The mind of the mystic and his preoccupation with certain "truths" that were the core of mystical initiation, indeed the keys of hidden spiritual doors, had for some reason been granted to me. I wandered deep into the recesses of abstract realms of spiritual activity and its vague definitions and explanations of the human (some say, divine) condition. Led along by spirits whose calling was to win the human race and manifest the Divine will, I recaptured the discipline of mind and heart needed to remain on the path. I was young and I loved rainbows. I went on.

~~*The MacKays*~~

Temples at Katmandu, Nepal

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Maintaining a tenuous connection with The Summit, I met a very fair young lady named Linda MacKay at one of the meetings. Linda had an inquiring mind and a keen interest in spiritual things. It wasn't long before I met the entire MacKay family and developed a deep relationship with them. The MacKays were very much like most of the upper middle class of that era. Mr. MacKay was a successful businessman in the energy industry. Mrs. MacKay was an amiable lady with a wide range of interests. The teenage children were into the new culture and running loose with the morals and ways of the sixties and seventies, including a lot of pot smoking.

Suddenly a barefooted, white robed mystic showed up in their lives. I stayed at their house in a room that they graciously provided. Being a renunciate, my only possessions were the clothes on my back. I soon settled into a routine of meditation and chanting. I had frequent conversations with Linda and Joyce, her mother, on philosophy and the mystery religions.

Mrs. MacKay, seeing my meager holdings and sincerity, was compelled one particular day to give me one thousand dollars. She said God had instructed her to give me the sum. Fully persuaded that material possessions were a hindrance to my path, I refused her gracious offer. She insisted that the cashier's check made out to my name would remain intact for my use at any time. I was in a quandary as to her insistence that God had moved her to act in this fashion.

the Himalayas

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~~*Led by My Spirit Guide*~~

Not long after this incident, on the occasion of a late night discussion of the many mystery schools and traditions that have filled human history, the conversation began winding down and the room in which we sat filled with a brilliant blue light. In the center of the room a large luminous blue sphere appeared out of which a voice spoke. We sat entranced as a command was given to me, "COME AND FIND ME."

I was immediately forced into an altered state of consciousness and had a vision of the far reaches of the Himalayan mountains. Quickly I merged with the spirit speaking to me and was informed that my next guru was to be found.

Now it seemed that the cashier's check made sense. Looking back I marvel at the profound power that orchestrated the events of that time. The government of India was shutting its doors to all but the most capable visitors from the US. In the late sixties there was a tremendous influx of seekers from the US who upon reaching India were unable to care for themselves, some even unable to return to the US. Every effort was made to thoroughly screen individuals entering the country. I can remember showing up at the travel agency dressed in traditional yogic garb. Against all odds I had my visa and papers in order within two weeks. Off I went to New Delhi, India, led by my spirit guide.

It was late summer when I arrived. Having been there before didn't prepare me for the onset of a severe fever shortly after I reached the sub-continent. Undaunted, I made my way to Vrindivan. Vrindavan is a small village that was the birthplace of Krishna, one of India's best-known gods. I circumambulated the village three times and sought refuge at a Krishna ashram. I waited out my fever and mused over the many aspects of Vedic knowledge. After adjusting somewhat to the new conditions, I headed for Rishikesh, a mecca for yogis, mendicants, and devotees of the myriads of Hindu, Buddhist and religious sects at the headwaters of the Ghanges River. Many ashrams and monasteries from ancient times have been established there. Still very much engrossed in my trance like meditations, I waited for specific inspiration as to my next step.

Individuals and circumstances attended the entire journey up to that point, with strange confirmations of my direction. Soon I was on my way to Katmandu, located in a beautiful mountain valley at the Himalayan foothills of Nepal. A small "undeveloped" country for the most part in those days, the main method of transportation in the land was walking on ancient, well-worn pathways.

Temples at Katmandu, Nepal

Nepalese Everest Trek Visa

~~*The Everest Trek*~~

My papers in order, I began what was called the Everest Trek. Between Katmandu and a small town named Bhadgoan in the same valley, there was a paved road for the stretch of about three miles. It was the only paved road I was aware of in the entire country at the time and a private bus serviced it.

The Nepalese people were short in stature for the most part. When I entered the packed, ornately decorated bus, I stood head and shoulders above the indigenous people. Most of the Nepalese men wore little black tight fitting hats and black vests. They almost appeared to be in a cultural uniform of sorts. In the back of the bus stood a man in the traditional garb, but uniquely different in that he had blue eyes and stood taller than the rest.

He wrestled his way forward of the bus through the crowd and introduced himself with a strong Australian accent. He expressed curiosity as to why I was in Nepal. No doubt he had seen many people from Europe and the US on spiritual pilgrimages to these lofty mountains. I told him how explicitly I was led to this land and to these mountains to search out my next spiritual teacher. He assured me that he was well aware of who I was looking for. Curious, I asked who that might be. His reply was Jesus Christ.

Being made aware of the fact that he was a missionary from Australia, I assumed his understanding of who Jesus was was very different from mine. Our conversation was pleasant but short-lived as this paved road's short journey.

Buddhist spirituality

Himalayan Mani Stones

Bhadgoan was at the feet of the first range of mountains that make up the Himalayan ranges. Each range of mountains gets progressively higher, the third range being known as the ever snows.


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