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Where can you go?
Where are you going?
We know not
What tomorrow brings



Aerial and Logistical Information of Singing Falls


In the world but not of it

Flat map of the earth at night

This is a true composite satellite image of the night side of planet earth. The light colored areas are the lights of contemporary civilization.

another flat map

A true color flat world image and where we are in it.

topo map

This is a satellite composite of the topographical elevations of the earth. Yellow/red is high and green/blue is lower altitude. Compared with the night imagery it can be noted that the vast majority of civilization is associates with regions of lower elevations in the earth

West Coast from outer space

This is where we are on the West Coast of North America USA.

Geologic and county boundary map

This topographical image shows the county boundaries in the state of Oregon and the contours of it's geological features

Color coded precipitatioin map

Oregon Rainfall. We average 39 inches per year but have been in a severe drought for three years now.

SID quadrangle aerial view

Zooming in on Singing Falls. We are located on the top middle south facing slope. The light tan colored area is our natural open meadow

SID aerial image

Here is a closer look. The little red dot is the roof of my humble abode.

The hot dry summer field

Ahhhh! Back to earth! An earth view of the open meadow during summer.

Green mossy waterfall area

My hideout from all that covers the earth. Here is where I pray.

Topological map showing contours

A topographical illustration showing the contrast in elevations here at Singing Falls. Looking closely you will see that it ranges from 1444 feet above sea level to 1800 feet above sea level.

Stanley & Alexandra Petrowski
34620 Tiller Trail Hwy.
Tiller, Oregon 97484