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This page is an index of images documenting the arrival and subsequent return over the years of the Salmon runs here at Singing Falls. The table below contains links to the web pages of the images in a time line sequence. I have the movies listed on separate pages.

The movies average about 1.5 megabytes each. Most of the jpg images are fairly small, averaging about 360x270 pixels.

Salmon Runs

2004 Nov salmon movies 2004 salmon still images 2005 Nov salmon movies 2005 Dec salmon movies

Salmon Hatching and Maturing

2005_April fry still images 2005 June fry movies 2005 June fry still images 2005 July juniors movies

August MP3's - Fish Count - Junior Fish Rescue

2005 August junior still images 2005 August junior movies 2005 August junior count images 2005 August junior rescue images

September - October Fish MP3's

2005 September movies 2005 October movies
a true salmon run

The way it used to be. The way it should be. The way it is not. A coho run.

This photo was acquired from the WWW. If anyone knows the credits please forward them to me.


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