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~~*  Power Point Presentation 07/14/2005  *~~

This aspect of the site gives an example of how to illustrate your project to a group of prospective stake holders or interested people. The are commonly known as “Open Office Presentations” or “Power Point Presentations”. Basically they are a series of slides presented on a large screen for audience viewing.

This particular presentation was used during the period of time that we were soliciting grant funding for the Aquatic Habitat Restoration Project here at Singing Falls. As each slide was shown the presenter explained the picture. It is generally accepting practice to use your image as a guide to your talk. The text included in the image becomes a useful talking point tool that helps you remember what needs to be said.

The images in this presentation have been reduced to 640 X 480 pixels in size and very close to 40kb each for the purpose of showing them on the WWW. You would want to use the highest quality images and aesthetically appealing format possible in the actual presentation.

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