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~~*  The Singing Falls Stream Restoration Project  *~~


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~~*  Educational Materials Concerning Salmon and Salmon Habitat  *~~


The following is a series of pages relating to salmon, their habitat and some things we can do to influence their return to the forest streams. There is a great wealth of information available on the WWW regarding this topic. If you have a particularly special link you would like to add to this topic please feel free to forward it to me.

The Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission has given me permission to mirror these educational materials here. The material is very interesting and helpful. It covers in considerable detail the salmon runs here on the west coast.

Also included here in the table below is a free (PDF format) and excellent Stream Habitat Restoration Guideline publication from the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Washington State Department of Ecology. This publication is also available in hard back copy. The details to get it are on the WDFW website.

Most of these documents are in PDF format. The following are open source programs that will make these documents readable on your system.

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Important Habitat Restoration Information
NOAA ESU recovery information Complete Oregon Aquatic Habitat Guide 1999 Guide to Large Wood in Streams

Washingtion State Habitat Restoration Book
00-Cover,Table of Contents 01-Introduction 02-About Habitat 03-Habitat Assessment 04-Developing Strategy 05-Designing
07-Channel Modification 08-Levee Issues 09-Sidechannels 10-Riparian Restoration 11-Passage Restoration 12-Nutrients
13-Beavers 14-Spawning Gravel 15-Structure Design 16-Boulders 17-Large Wood 18-Drop Structures
19-Porous Weirs 20-Bank Protection 21-Sediment Detention 22-Hydrology 23-Geomorphology 24-Sediment Transport
25-Hydraulics 26-Construction 27-Anchoring 28-Permits Required 29-Monitoring 06-Not Available

Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission Guide
Coho Salmon Facts Salmon in Context Coho Habitat Coho Shelter Stream Banks Safe Harbors
Silver Salmon Cycle Wintering Coho The Coho Decline Lifestyle Landscape Lights
Dams Water Automotive Wastes


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