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~ Mohair ~ natural, sustainable, renewable, luxury, comfort and warmth



Umpqua National Forest, Oregon, USA-Pacific Standard Time Zone


~~*  The stunning blue green peacock throw  *~~


Cool blue green throw to keep you warm

Singing Falls Mohair in Hong Kong

This beautiful throw, though cool in color, is warm and cozy. An even two pounds of luxurious hand dyed, hand-spun and woven mohair makes up this woven piece. The judge remarked at the unique balance of color and mohair yarn blend in this throw. The curious munchkins above wonder why we are paying so much attention to it.


Image of the throw being woven

Progress on the 45 inch loom

The peacock throw in the making on the 45 inch floor loom.


Close up of the weave

Close up of the weave

A fine even transition of color highlights the luster mohair is famous for. This plaid is a composite of seven shades of dyed blue and natural black mohair. It's a must for anyone who loves the rich hue of peacock colors! It sports several small strands of golden thread to highlight the peacock tail feather "eye" in the heart of the plaid


Price: $425 - $575 depending on size and weight

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Stanley & Alexandra Petrowski
34620 Tiller Trail Hwy.
Tiller, Oregon 97484