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~ Mohair ~ natural, sustainable, renewable, luxury, comfort and warmth



Umpqua National Forest, Oregon, USA-Pacific Standard Time Zone


~~*  The Exquisite Young Lovers Knot Throw  *~~


All natural white background throw with a muted overshot pattern

The overshot weave throw freshly drawn off the loom

This lovely border adorns the white throw. Overshot is an old colonial weaving technique and Alexandra has woven a border in the overshot pattern known as the "Young Lovers' Knot". The pattern itself is one of hundreds that have been developed by hand weavers over the centuries. Bed spreads, table cloths and many other items often contained fantastic and elaborate patterns invented and used by multitudes of artisans over time.


Photo of the throw in a greenhouse study

An appropriate setting for this throw

The young lovers knot struck Alexandra's fancy and initiated this particular mohair throw. Standard procedure in times past was to weave intricately detailed pieces using wool for the warp and weft. This weaving was our own experiment with the overshot technique using hand spun mohair solely. It was, to Alexandra's surprise, a total success!


Daylight only enhances the radiance of the throw

An outdoor setting for comfort

We are illustrating here that such a piece lends itself to a multitude of settings and enhances the decor in them all. This outdoor setting in a garden on the California coast is lifted into an entirely different ambiance by the presence of the warm throw tossed over an antique garden chair. (Photo contributed by C. Jago and G. Rich)


A closeup of the overshot pattern in the throw

A closeup of the overshot pattern

Here we have a close up of the Young Lovers Knot weave. We used two separate natural colored mohair fleeces to boldly distinguish the pattern from its natural white colored mohair background. The colors themselves are the typical muted earth tones of natural colored angora goats (silver and deep gold.) We deemed the pattern to be sufficiently intricate enough to give a sophisticated balance between rustic and yet fanciful motifs.


lightness with warmth and durability

Translucent radiance of mohair

Here the light and translucent radiance of mohair belies the incredible warmth of mohair. Instant warmth is experienced when the garment is wrapped around or placed upon someone seeking its soft comfort.


a little black angora goat kid of Singing Falls

A Singing Falls newborn black kid

One of the greatest joys of our lifestyle here at Singing Falls (also the most taxing) is the spring ritual of kidding season. Here we have a newly born black kid enjoying the sun rays as they penetrate into its "out of the way" hiding place. This is often a sought after luxury in the chill spring mornings.


Price: $425 - $575 depending on size and weight

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