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~ Mohair ~ natural, sustainable, renewable, luxury, comfort and warmth



Umpqua National Forest, Oregon, USA-Pacific Standard Time Zone


~~*  Large Herringbone Kid Mohair Wrap  *~~


A long dense wrap of kid mohair

A gray or charcoal version of this compares to the cloaks of Lorien

This garment is a fantastic two and a half plus pounds of 100% precious first shearing kid mohair. It can be woven as wide or as long as you wish! The weave is a dense herringbone woven from many thousands of feet of the finest hand spun natural fiber yarn. For softness, extra warmth and comfort, it is unsurpassed. The prototype of this garment was specially woven for Stanley to use in his early morning watches. The mystery of mohair's ability to keep comfortably warm without the extreme "scratchiness" of wool becomes strikingly obvious with this piece of opulent fiber art.


overflowing with soft very warm luxury

Opalescent and Shimmering Kid Mohair

Stan is very careful of overindulgence but this garment presses the limits. It is one of his prize possessions. This prototype has been well used for many years and shows no sign of wear. Though angora goat kid mohair is of a very fine fiber micron count its lasting durability has been proven by us time and again.


The wrap displayed with a shepherd's trumpet goat horn

The wrap displayed with a shepherd's trumpet goat horn

Here is a perfect example of the incredible quality of mohair to pick up and reflect any light surrounding it. This image makes the lustrous fiber appear pearlescent due to surrounding light sources. Many of the people who have commissioned a through have reported to us how this unique virtue of the fiber has enhanced the decor of the room it is in. Sun light tells all with these yarns.


Herd Sire Willow

One of the finest herd sires we have had the privilege to shepherd and care for.

This is Willow. It is the genetics of a buck like this that impacts greatly the quality of the fiber that comes from the herd of angora goats. His progeny have all expressed fantastic fleece fineness, stamina and noble personalities.


Price: $425 - $575 depending on size, pattern and weight

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Stanley & Alexandra Petrowski
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