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~ Mohair ~ natural, sustainable, renewable, luxury, comfort and warmth



Umpqua National Forest, Oregon, USA-Pacific Standard Time Zone


~~*  Ethnic designs and decor patterns  *~~


A rich natural colored mohair throw

Custom patterns for any motif

We insert the "Greek Keys" overshot woven throw here in the weaving gallery to illustrate the type of collaborative work we do with our clients. In this day of cultural diversity it is not unusual to receive requests for a particular cultural motif. In this case the client was not Greek but was particularly fond of Greek art. The challenge for us here at Singing Falls is often associated with inventing new ways to express such motifs without diminishing the integrity of the garment. After all, this art form has as one if its goals the practical use of the finished piece.


all natural colored mohair border

The natural splendor of mohair locks!

These washed locks come from herd sire Roz. We acquired Roz from the Black Sheep Gathering in 2005 to make him a king here at Singing Falls. Even the untrained eye should be able to see why. Just looking at it reveals the exquisite virtues that nature has imbued this fiber with over the millinia. Luster, brilliance, strength and length; the spinner's dream fiber. But for all of their virtue each natural fiber requires a skill set unique to its itself. That skill set is what we have chosen here at Singing Falls.

The Black Sheep Gathering is an annual Eugene, Oregon USA event for natural colored fiber enthusiasts and shepherds. It is international in scope and a very powerful focal point for finding out new things in the field of fiber art and shepherding. It takes place on the 3rd or 4th week of June every year.


all natural colored mohair border

Another king of the Singing Falls herd, herd sire "Roz"

This is a pure bred Angora Goat buck. Roz, lives here at Singing Falls and like so many purebreds, produces incredible fiber. That is at a very high price, both to his health and vigor. Many registered bucks are stunning in appearance but are very difficult to keep in top shape without a lot of attention. With the introduction of colored genetics and careful shepherding practices we hope to transfer this incredible ability to produce high quality mohair to an animal that can endure the rigors of exposure to the elements of nature also. We owe it to this most excellent animal to minimize its dependence on synthetic living conditions yet, without sacrificing the glory of its mohair quality. This has been a goal for 27 years. Far and wide it is known that the angora goat, of all domestic animals, is most delicate.


Price: $425 - $575 depending on size, pattern and weight

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