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~ Mohair ~ natural, sustainable, renewable, luxury, comfort and warmth



Umpqua National Forest, Oregon, USA-Pacific Standard Time Zone


~~*  Galaxy: A Shawl  *~~


A rich natural colored mohair throw

A "no dyes applied" all natural colored shawl

This is another blue ribbon winner from the Eugene, Oregon Black Sheep Gathering. It is made up entirely of hand-spun 100% natural colored mohair. Until recently, natural colored mohair was a rarity due to breeding practices instituted by the mohair industry.  They didn't want a single "colored" hair in the mix.Things have changed in recent years, however. A colored angora goat registry started up - made up of mainly small family goat herds.


all natural colored mohair border

A close up of the rich textured warp and weft of this natural colored mohair shawl.

Even though the colored angora goat produces what are generally considered muted earth tones of color, It's brilliant sheen offsets it. Mohair is noted for its unique ability to pick up and reflect color. This characteristic is not lost in the colored angora mohair. It makes for a most striking combination of virtues.


king bombi in his youth

The perfect garment to take the spring chill away.

This shawl was hand spun with seven uniquely colored mohair fleeces. Off the loom it weighs one and a half pounds.  Luxurious, it is woven of lustrous soft mohair. Eighty-six inches long (including long fringe) and twenty-three inches wide, it is the perfect wrap for a cool day's stroll.  Very feminine.


king bombi in his youth

The varied hued colored angoras with their late Spring fleece. By fall, they will have grown their mohair considerably and will need to be shorn.

Price: $425 - $575 depending on size and weight


Price:  $325

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