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~ Mohair ~ natural, sustainable, renewable, luxury, comfort and warmth



Umpqua National Forest, Oregon, USA-Pacific Standard Time Zone


~~*  The Faded Glory Throw  *~~


A rich faded "tea stain" hued mohair throw

A rich faded "tea stain" hue

A rich faded "tea stain" hue of the red, white and blue mutes the would be stark warp yarn colors. This throw was custom designed for one of our special clients.


all natural colored mohair border

A close up of the border stripes of natural color mohair as well as the "blending" technique done on the loom.

Here you see the faded red, white and blue "warp" as it is ready to be warped and pulled taut on the loom - readied for weaving.


king bombi in his youth

This image shows a close up of the herringbone weave. The Faded Glory throw may possibly be a favorite. It certainly was fun watching it come together on the loom. The weave and pattern of colors hid the red, white and blue stripes. For a striped look, we could have used a standard 2x2 twill weave and an intricate overshot weaving technique. A future project is waiting in the wings.

Price: $425 - $575 depending on size and weight


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Stanley & Alexandra Petrowski
34620 Tiller Trail Hwy.
Tiller, Oregon 97484