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~ Mohair ~ natural, sustainable, renewable, luxury, comfort and warmth



Umpqua National Forest, Oregon, USA-Pacific Standard Time Zone


~~*  Home spun hand dyed chromatic colored throw  *~~


A rich colored mohair throw

Custom color dyeing to match your decor

What fun it was to dye up these gorgeous hues for this mohair throw (and see how well mohair takes dye!) Mr. Griffin wanted to give this mohair throw to his spouse for Christmas. Initially he explained the color motif of their home - mauves and pinks, blues and mint greens. The weaving was completed and Mrs. Griffin later wrote, telling us how much she loved the soft, warm mohair throw - and how it looked perfect in their home.

Here the hand-spun double ply warp yarns are counted and laid out, ready for warping. Warping is a precise and tedious aspect of weaving. It requires tremendous focus to avoid misthreading the heddles of the loom harness.


careful custom dyeing to match a decor

Warped and ready for weaving

We have specialized in custom dyed colors for our clients. Often we'll correspond and use "paint card samplers" from a paint store to get as close to the desired color as possible.

Coming together on the antique 45 inch folding floor loom...a rich plaid.


Copper a special doe of the herd

A fine young doe of the herd showing spectacular fleece character

For many centuries angora goats of this type were slaughtered when they were born because they were not pure white. The demand was for pure white goats strictly and only. It couldn't even be off white. Many goats that were white were also disqualified if they showed a hint of color in their horns or hooves.

Today we are encouraging the proliferation of colored angora goats by breeding them to produce mohair of a quality and reputation equal to the pure white registered goats. In recent years a colored angora goat registry has begun and it is already held in high esteem among angora goat breeders because of high standards of achievment.


Price: $425 - $575 depending on size, pattern and weight

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