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~ Mohair ~ natural, sustainable, renewable, luxury, comfort and warmth



Umpqua National Forest, Oregon, USA-Pacific Standard Time Zone

~~*  Natural Black Mohair Throw  *~~


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Hand woven hand spun natural black mohair throw

All Natural Black

This one of a kind throw is made of very rare natural black mohair in a 2/2 twill weave. It is a study in stark contrast. The rose plaid design is done with yarns dyed with the natural dye, cochineal. Warmth and comfort are guaranteed with this woven two and three quarter pound garment.



This weave is dense and being true to its character, the mohair constrains the garment to lay gracefully however it is placed.

A close up view of the warp and weft of the weave. This image doesn't really convey the luxurious softness that belongs to angora goat kid mohair. True black first clip (kid mohair) is both coveted and rare.


Zebby at Singing Falls when he was a year old

Young buck Zebby

True black herd sire, Zebulun, when he was a yearling buck in the early 1990's. We say true black because his fleece never turned silver. He was black as a lump of coal, black as midnight without moon nor star. We have few goats that keep that kind of deep rich black hue to adulthood. His genetic input greatly impacts the Singing Falls herd. Later clips from him were less fine, of course, and as he aged his fleece held less crimp. Nonetheless, his progeny to this day are our best doll hair goats, inheriting his lock fineness coupled with a more relaxed curl all along the lock.

Zebby at Singing Falls when he was very old

King buck Zebby


Price: $400









Stanley & Alexandra Petrowski
34620 Tiller Trail Hwy.
Tiller, Oregon 97484
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