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~ Mohair ~ natural, sustainable, renewable, luxury, comfort and warmth



Umpqua National Forest, Oregon, USA-Pacific Standard Time Zone


~~*  Mohair Throw for Taupe Decor   *~~


Image of the throw draped over one of the floor looms

Solace on a cool over-caste day

This large (48 inches X 84 inches) mohair throw ( includes 8 inches of fringe on each end) was custom made for our Maine client with an emphasis on taupe coloration . She requested a plaid design which would match the border trim of the room it was to reside in. Supplying us with a wallpaper sample which showed her choice of plaid. She also requested that the throw be a full 48 inches in width. Crafted on our 40 inch Jack floor loom, Alexandra would have to weave the throw using a treadling sequence called "double width weave" to compensate for the narrow width of the loom. We were happy to comply with her requests -- custom design being one of our favorite tasks. It really is a joy to share in the creativity of such a project with others.


Display of the double width weaving technique

The double weave technique

The double width weave is the result of weaving two layers of warp in the place of one. Though you cannot see it here, there is a fold on the left of this weaving on the loom, which fold is actually the "center" of the mohair garment once it is off the loom. Both layers connect to one another by a unique treadling sequence. The yellow metal bar, a weaver's stretcher, maintains straight, neat edges.


image showing the brilliant sheen of the colored mohair

The bright sheen of the diamond fiber

The stripes of the plaid design are not dyed but are a carefully blended choice of our natural colored angora goat fleeces. The background coloration was woven with fiber from white yearling fleeces and lightly dyed to achieve the 'oatmeal' hue that blended perfectly with the natural reds, browns and taupes in the plaid design. Are you taking note of the incredible luster of mohair? Hand-spun mohair gleams under light, whether sunlight or the stark white light of an electric bulb. It is no wonder that it is called "the Diamond Fiber."


an angora goat kid just a day or two old

A brown angora goat kid just a day or two old

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Price: $425 - $575 depending on size and weight

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Stanley & Alexandra Petrowski
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